Hair Oil w/Curry Leaves & Fenugreek

Hair Oil w/Curry Leaves & Fenugreek


This oil is herbal with Curry leaves and Fenugreek seeds. Curry leaf has been been known for its medicinal values and has been very successfully used for centuries in India. Fenugreek has proved its worth by providing wonderful benefits in treating variety of hair problem. Using a combination of both herbs benefits the hair tremendously.  

Prevents Premature greying
Stimulates Hair Growth
Repairs damaged roots
Reduces Hair Fall
Rejuvenation of Hair Follicles
Strengthening of Hair Shafts
Prevents thinning of hair strands


It has a very light pleasant natural curry leaf aroma. 


  • Ingredients

    Olive oil infused with Curry leaves and Fenugreek. 

  • Size

    4 oz

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